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Witches of Eastwick, The

Jack Nicholson and three of Hollywood's finest actresses shine in this well made fantasy about the Devil romancing the inhabitants of a small New England town.

Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon play three women who for various reasons are without husbands. Dabbling in witchcraft, they seek to summon the perfect man.

Into their lives comes Daryl Van Horn, (Nicholson, in the role he was seemingly born to play), a charming, smarmy, sneering (see what I mean?) rich lothario who charms all three woman into bed, shocking the conservative residents of the town.

But the women have conjured more than just the perfect man, and it all culminates in an overwrought special-effects heavy finale.

Based on John Updike's popular novel, The Witches of Eastwick did not win over all the critics upon its release in 1987, but it offers solid filmmaking skill (from Aussie George Miller - the Mad Max trilogy) and a stellar cast.

It has a unique story for a film of such high production values, and the novelty of Jack Nicholson playing the devil sustains the few lagging periods.