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The Giblet Boys

This series has now finished.

About the show

Scurvy, Kevin & Pud are three boisterous brothers, who are forever coming up with new ways to make mischief. Boys in the Bart Simpson/Malcolm in the Middle mould, the tearaway trio get up to all kinds of outrageous antics, creating a world of non-stop suburban anarchy in which they battle against the one true superpower left on this planet, the one opponent worthy of their efforts their formidable Mum.

Scurvy is the oldest and maddest, Kevin is the sensible one who gets dragged along, and Pud is the youngest and the brightest. Together they rule like weekend warlords of chaos, driving their mum and dad nuts.Whether it be terrorising the babysitter, a money-making scam or a cheeky caper, they are always up to something naughty and always
thwarted by their number one Nemesis, Mum.