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Did You Know?

Recycling aluminum cans requires 95% less energy than making new ones.

Recycling one aluminum can saves the same amount of energy required to power a TV for 4 hours.

If you throw away 2 aluminum cans you waste more energy than one billion of the world's poorest people use per day.

In the last 50 years worldwide, we have used as much coal as in the whole of history to date.

1 kg of worms will eat 1kg of food scraps per day.

Every year more than one billion trees are used to make disposable nappies.  They take 75 years to decompose.

Plastic bags take between 15 and 1,000 years to break down.  At least 100,000 whales, seals, turtles and sea-birds are killed each year by plastic bags.  When the animal dies, its body decomposes, but the plastic bag can go back in to the marine environment to kill again.

The world's largest land fill is near New York City.  It holds 68 million cubic metres of rubbish which is 25 times the volume of one of the great pyramids in Giza.

Glass is the only packaging material that is both re-useable and 100% recyclable.

One third of the world's population uses more than four fifths of the world's resources.

Twenty per cent of the world's population uses seventy percent of the world's energy.

Fifty acres of rain forest are destroyed every minute of every day.  Half of the rainforests have already disappeared.

Every year in the developed world, an average person throws away two tree's worth of paper and cardboard, 45kg of plastic, 107 bottles and 160 cans.

Some plastics will take up to 400 years to biodegrade in to the ocean.

One quarter of the world's species could be extinct in the next 20-30 years. Not really relevant to reducing solid waste

Only 100 years ago the only thing a New Zealand domestic household disposed of was coal ash. This was because it could not be reused.

Today, the New Zealand population throws out more than 100 buses of rubbish every day !! That's enough rubbish to fill a rugby field 30 stories high EVERY MONTH.