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Village vending machine replaces shop

Published: 12:25PM Monday March 24, 2014 Source: ONE News

A British inventor has devised an ingenious new way to help small towns struggling to survive as more and more people move to the city.

A giant vending machine has been set up in the Derbyshire village of Clifton, providing a range of everyday goods including cereals, tea bags, washing powder and shampoo.

Inventor Peter Fox says the Speedyshop is a way of solving a problem that many villages are facing with shops no longer being cost-effective or sustainable.

"I would prefer to walk into a nice warm, cosy shop with a smiling shopkeeper," says Mr Fox.

"But if that's not possible and if it isn't going to happen then the alternative is absolutely nothing, and this plugs the gap."

About 300 village shops close down in Britain each year, according to national trade association the Rural Shops Alliance

This forces some rural residents to travel as far as 32 kilometres to the nearest shop.

For many Clifton residents, whose own shop closed down ten years ago, the scheme is a welcome addition.

"I think it's definitely the way forward. It provides what you need, it stops you from driving into town and having to park and all of that," says one villager.

There are plans to place the Speedyshop machines in other Derbyshire villages.