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Samoa politicians plan to export dog meat

Published: 7:19PM Monday April 08, 2013 Source: ONE News

Some of Samoa's politicians have come up with a controversial plan to rid the country of stray dogs.

Samoa's Parliament had been debating the Canine Control Bill when the idea of exporting dog meat was raised.

"We can use the meat as a fertiliser for plants or even food or something else like a sausage," Associate Minister Toeafoa Faafisi told ONE News.

Faafisi suggested exporting dog meat in Parliament and the idea won support from his colleagues.

"In other countries they eat snake, even dogs or horses meat so instead of getting rid for nothing why can't we do something else in order to get money for it?" Faafisi said.

Even the country's Finance Minister chimed in saying, "when it gets cold in Asia the moment you eat dog meat you feel warm afterwards."

However, Parliament's wild enthusiasm for canning stray dog meat is not shared on the street.

"No, it shouldn't even be encouraged at all," a woman told ONE News.

"It's yuck," another woman added.

The possibility of straydog racing was also discussed in Parliament.

"They will pay 10 tala entrance ticket and enjoy the racing and from there they will get an idea to look after the dog well because they know for sure they will get money for it," Faafisi said.

Opposition party leader, Palusalue Fa'apo II, believes stray dogs should be put down.

But the Police Minister Sala Pinata said it would be inhumane to walk into the market and just start shooting them.

"We are looking at ways to solve the problem namely desexing the stray dogs."