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Paul Stenhouse: New Year's Eve in adult diapers


By Paul Stenhouse

Published: 5:03PM Monday January 02, 2012 Source: ONE News

Nothing beats New York on New Year's Eve.

That's the line from the recently released holiday movie, aptly named New Year's Eve, which is centred around the famous ball-drop in New Yorks Times Square.

But how good is it really?

Is wearing adult diapers really the best way to ring in 2012?

That's no joke.

A woman, a friend I was talking to, was buying some so she wouldn't have to leave the spot she was planning on getting.

You see when a million people descend on a section of street, things get a little strange.

Organisers section off Times Square and the surrounding streets into pens. Crazy people start arriving from early afternoon to get the best spot to see the illuminated ball lowered a few metres over 60 seconds.

But there's a catch. Once you're in you can't leave. So if you arrive at 4pm thats eight hours without food, drink or toilets. Yep - you're stuck. Well you can leave but you can't get back in, meaning all that early effort is wasted. Hence why some people decide to go back to infancy for the night.

Friends of mine accidentally became those crazy people, sans nappies. While checking out the bright lights of the crossroads of the world at 1pm this group found themselves in a pen right smack bang in the centre of the action. They decided to stay, and what a decision that turned out to be. Ryan Seacrest, who was hosting a TV special, was stationed right in front of them, as was the magical ball.

But was 11 hours of no food, booze or toilets worth it? They say yes.

The group I was with had heard the horror stories so we decided to spend a bit of cash on a ticket to a party at a bar just off the strip.

It was hideously overpriced but the music was good and it did include an open-bar. I'm not sure they're even legal at a licensed establishment in New Zealand!

The only catch was that it said on the bar's website we would be just steps away from seeing the ball drop and suggested we would be able to see it happen. It was a deciding factor in choosing this event for the night. Despite being just off Times Square the New York Police Department barriers meant we didn't see the ball drop with our own eyes.

We did, though, get to experience the packed crowd, the tonnes of confetti that fell from the sky and some midnight street karaoke with a million other people. It was still special and our view was no worse than the one the people who had arrived at 8 or 9pm would have experienced blocks and blocks away from the party.

So while I'm glad I can say I've spent a New Year's Eve in Times Square, I'm not sure it would be worth soiling yourself for.

Paul Stenhouse is a former ONE News reporter