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More shooting sprees in the US

Tim Wilson

Published: 7:02PM Sunday April 05, 2009 Source: ONE News

Three times in less than 24 hours, America has been left speechless by the sound of gunfire.

A man who believed President Obama was taking away his right to bear arms gunned down three police officers in Pittsburgh, on the western edge of the state of Pennsylvania.

And reports have also come in of another shooting in Seattle, where a man killed his five children ranging from seven to sixteen years of age before killing himself.

It's just a day since 13 people were slaughtered at a community centre in Binghamton, New York.

The Pittsburgh shooting was the second deadliest day in US law enforcement history since 9/11.

Three police officers were killed the hail of more than a 100 bullets, during the four hour battle.

"We've never had to lose three officers in the line of duty at one time at one call," says Nate Harper, the Pittsburgh Police Chief

Like the shooter in Binghamton, Sunday's self appointed assassin Richard Poplawski lost his job recently.
As the siege progressed he called friends, telling them he was going to die. But despite a fusillade of police bullets, Poplawksi was arrested.

His friends say he was upset about the Zionists controlling the media and he was upset about the gun ban he believes the Obama administration was putting forward.

That though is highly unlikely; with the pro-gun lobby in Washington and the National Rifle Association (NRA) vowing to fight any gun ban.

But more of such crimes may just cause the ban to be implemented and may even gain favour among those who have been affected by gun crime.

The killer's views echo the increasingly violent and apocalyptic tone taken by some conservative commentators to a changing America on conservative radio and television networks, where they believe the Obama administration are a bunch of communists and socialists waiting to destroy America internally.

Many in the US believe the idea of a local gun-store is as American as liberty itself.

But with a sick economy, political polarisation, and the proliferation of guns, liberty is being paid for in blood.

Professor James Fox, of Northeastern University says the anger over the recession is hurting many people and they are simply responding to that.

"We have a downturn economy, we have people losing jobs, an eclipse of community, people are angry, they want vengeance and unfortunately there are plenty of guns out there," says Fox.

The concern is not that Poplawski expressed some of his frustration over a possible assault rifle ban with a barrage of machine gun fire; it's that there may be more like him.