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Haitians protest over lack of earthquake aid

Published: 1:32PM Wednesday July 28, 2010 Source: ONE News

  •  (Source: ONE News)
    Source: ONE News

Dozens of people have taken to the streets of Haiti's capital demanding more services and aid from the government in the post-earthquake clean-up.

Protesters gathered in the Port-au-Prince neighbourhood of Belair, setting fire to debris on the street and constructing barricades.

Many desperate residents claim they have not received any money or government assistance since the January earthquake that rocked the small Caribbean nation.

"The situation is simple, we are still victims of this earthquake like everybody else," said one Belair resident.

"What we would like the government to do is treat us like everyone else (who is receiving aid) from the Fort Nationale and Rue St Martin. We also have families, who are living in camps."

Six months on, one man is claiming that two bodies are yet to be removed by officials from his home.

Police officers were called in to keep the protest under control.

Almost no rubble has been cleared away since the earthquake struck, making living conditions in Port au Prince dire. Thousands of people are still living in tent cities with construction progress hamstrung by the bureaucratic processes of the Haitian government.