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Family 'disgusted' by shark attack comedy sketch

Published: 9:58AM Wednesday March 13, 2013 Source: ONE News

The family of a man killed in a shark attack at Muriwai Beach have expressed their "disgust" at a US comedy show which pokes fun at the tragedy.

The Jeselnik Offensive on Comedy Central aired a skit, named 'Shark Party', in which the host, Anthony Jeselnik, says he can "barely control" himself because he is so excited about the incident.

Father-of-one Adam Strange died after being attacked by a bronze whaler and Great White Shark two weeks ago.

But the US show takes the tragedy, which shocked the small seaside community, and makes fun of it - saying it deserves its own party.

"A Great White attack is a black tie affair, so it's time for a shark party," announces Jeselnik.

However, the so-called joke hasn't won the comedian many fans in New Zealand, with Strange's family describing the sketch as "incredibly poor taste".

"It actually lacks humour in any sense of the word, and the few people I have quickly discussed it with all use the same word, 'disgusted'," family spokesman Tim Jago told ONE News.

In the comedy skit, which has been posted online, the show's cast - including a man dressed as a surfer with a fake shark bite in his side - dance on stage in celebration of the attack.

Female dancers perform dressed as sharks, with teeth shaped hoods over their heads. One, in a full shark costume, performs a lap-dance for Jeselnik.

The host says the party is "special" because "sharks don't even like the taste of people".

"Kids, I don't think we appreciate sharks enough," he continues.

"So when a shark kills a man, you gotta give thanks."

The host attempts to justify the sketch, by referencing the killing of sharks for their fins, adding the tally for this year was: "Humans killed by sharks: one. Sharks killed by humans: 17 million."

A photograph of Strange appears on a screen during the sketch.