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Chemical explosion at Texas factory

Published: 6:52AM Thursday December 10, 2009 Source: ONE News

An explosion at an American Acryl chemical plant in Texas has sent a gigantic plume of smoke billowing into the air, but there are no reports of serious injury.

The explosion happened at the company's factory near Seabrook.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that firefighters appear to have put the resulting fire out and that two people have been taken to Hospital complaining of discomfort.

Hospital spokeswoman Jennifer Hart said both were in good condition.

Local residents were asked to remain indoors after the blast, but that recommendation has now been lifted.

Officials said the blast involved toluene, a toxic substance that can cause nausea and tiredness in low to moderate levels.

American Acryl $US150 million chemical plant is built on about 65 acres and and includes a 120,000-ton-per-year acrylic acid plant.

Acrylic acid is a key component in household and personal care products such as disposable nappies and water-based products for paints, inks and adhesives.