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Winners and Losers


Rebecca Gilbert

Winners and Losers on TV ONE

After Matt’s devastating blow of calling off the engagement, Bec found solace in a brief relationship with Doug. It was during this time that Bec and Doug were involved in a traumatic car accident.

The incident gave Bec pause for thought and the relationship with Doug came to a natural conclusion. Despite her reservations, Bec had to admit that she was still in love with Matt.

Bec finally had her dream wedding. But merely moments after exchanging vows with Matt, Bec was shell-shocked to learn that she was pregnant.

Now in series two, married to the love of her life and expecting her first baby, Bec has everything she’s ever wanted. If only her husband, Matt, were the father of her child… Instead, she’s pregnant with her ex, Doug’s, baby. Ever the peacemaker, Bec sets out to ensure the unusual situation is handled as smoothly as possible. But it’s only a matter of time before the cracks begin to appear.

"Season two we’re going to see a new strength in Bec as she takes on one of the greatest journeys of a lifetime, having a child. The way she manages the whole experience with the help of her best friends and her husband was great to shoot and hopefully exciting for our audience to watch!"