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Frances James

Winners and Losers on TV ONE

In the first series Frances and Zach joined a professional partnership, starting Compose Management together. That wasn’t the only partnership they initiated. A romance between the two unfolded and it soon turned into a loving relationship.

Buy right when everything seemed to be moving along perfectly for Frances in the relationship department, Zach’s ex-wife, Claire, resurfaced. At Bec’s wedding Claire confronted Frances and told her that Zach was no match for her ‘physically or sexually’ and that Frances was not the kind of woman who could make Zach happy.

Another shock came in the form of Frances’ half-sister, the rebellious Jasmine, announcing that she was moving in.

This leads us to series two, where Frances is faced with some serious soul searching and will truly feel the effects of the Saturn Return. Frances has always had a plan for her life – single, successful businesswoman. It’s how she’s defined herself, it’s what’s driven her... So when she stops to examine where her life is now (boyfriend, parenting her half-sister, dealing with her boyfriend’s vindictive ex etc.) Frances quickly begins to feel lost at sea.

In what is essentially an existential crisis, Frances will embark on a journey to discover who she is as a person now. This journey will introduce her to new people, opening her eyes to the world in a way they’ve never been opened before. A revitalised Frances is formed – the Frances she’s probably always needed to be – and with it will come an exciting new direction for her life.

"The second series is about what all my friends are going through at the moment - Saturn Return - you work so hard, your whole life to get to somewhere you think you want be, then when you get there, you get a chance to look around and you don’t like what you see, what you’ve become."