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William And Mary

Series 3 episode 6 recap

Molly's condition has improved so dramatically that she is being allowed to go home to wait for the results of her tests. Rick can't wait to take her out of the hospital. Molly is determinedly optimistic as she is wheeled out. She's been reading her stars, and they all say that good luck is coming her way.

Her over the top, upbeat behaviour is too much for Rick, and he snaps.  But it is the only way Molly can cope with what is happening to her and she accuses Rick of being a doom merchant.

But before they can get out of the hospital Mary is bleeped. Jan, the pregnant mum in a coma, needs an emergency operation to save her baby.

In the delivery suite William 2 is joined by Jan's best friend Maxine. They are in tears as Mr Ormerond delivers a bouncing baby boy. Although they are full of joy, they know that now the baby has been born, the decision about Jan's life support machine must be made.

Jan dies the following day, but the good news for William 2 is that Social Services won't contest the custody. He can keep his son. When Mary goes with Mr Ormerond to congratulate William 2, they find him with Jan's best friend Maxine (Clare McCarron), cuddling the baby, like a real little family.

It would appear William 2 and Maxine are very much an item. After all her fantasies about William 2, Mary is somehow relieved to see him with Maxine.

There's a pile of mail waiting for Molly when she gets back to William and Mary's house. Get well cards, junk mail and a letter telling her she has won #10,000 in a competition.

Molly is dancing round the kitchen waving her winning cheque, and promising to buy round the world air tickets for Brendan and Poppy, Kate and Callum.  Still doom-laden Rick urges her to leave the purchase of the tickets for another day. But Molly insists it has to be today, because she also gets her results today, and she wants to be on her own.

After Mrs Spalding's dramatic departure, the business desperately needs a receptionist. Arnold takes it upon himself to recruit someone for the job without telling William. So William is shocked to discover the new receptionist is&Mrs Ball. There's not time to remonstrate with Arnold about his unilateral decision. They have to start making the arrangements for the funeral of Walter Poole.

Arnold and Mrs Ball are like a couple of love-sick teenagers. They are acutely embarrassed to be caught snogging outside the chapel of rest by William.

Mrs Ball has a nasty shock which could put her off working at the undertakers. She thinks she has seen a ghost when "Walter Poole" the man Arnold and William have just prepared for the chapel of rest, walks into the reception. It is in fact Walter's identical twin brother, Henry (Peter Macqueen).

At the hospital Molly and Rick anxiously await the test results. Mary is outside waiting with Doris when her mobile rings. It's William urging her to accompany him to see the house he has found for them. Mary thinks William is being insensitive, she just wants to hear how her mum is, not go house hunting.

William persuades her it will be a positive distraction. Just as Mary is about to leave she sees Rick and Molly walking out, looking traumatised and in tears. Mary fears the worst. Molly is sobbing too much to talk. But Rick manages to blurt out that Molly has been given the all clear.

William has summoned every one to the amazing gothic style house which is to be their new home. They all love the rambling house, which even has a self contained flat for Molly and Rick. William can't hide his relief, he'd already committed to it before they all said yes. But he has another surprise for Mary. He opens the smallest room in the house to reveal&.a shivering Terence. The family is together again. Mary is overwhelmed and can't wait for William to ask her to marry him again.

Molly announces that she has bought the air tickets for Brendan, Kate, Callum And Poppy, and put aside money for Julia and Terence to go when they are older, from her competition winnings. And she wants to throw a party to celebrate.

William and Mary's house is heaving with people, dancing and singing along as Billy Two Hats and the band belt out party numbers. Every one has turned up for the celebration. Even Mrs Spalding has swallowed her pride to attend. Mrs Ball takes the opportunity to tell William that she feels she is not cut out for the undertaking business. Mrs Spalding couldn't be more delighted.

It looks like being one of those nights where people feel the need to get things off their chest.

When Eamon gets jealous about Doris dancing with Billy Two Hats, Doris decides it is time to issue an ultimatum.  Either Eamon gets a divorce or he is out of her life. He starts prevaricating again, and Doris shows him the door.

Kate is heartbroken when Callum doesn't arrive for the party. She realises she made a huge mistake in finishing with Callum. Her dad is there to give her a big hug.

William looks for Mary, and finds her in the bedroom. She's full of remorse for the way she has behaved with William, and knows what a lovely man he is. How did she manage to live without him? She wants him to propose to her again. After all the ups and downs they've had, will he or won't he?