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William And Mary

Episode 9 recap

William and Arnold arrive at Wormwood Scrubs to collect the body of a convicted murderer, who has died of a heart attack. He was on appeal for the murder of a man from the same estate, but has always protested his innocence. 

William returns home to find the house in total disarray - teenagers everywhere. The chaos is practically unbearable. Mary tries to lift his spirits by taking him to the new house, but her plan backfires as they realise that very little work has been done.

Then, William is called away by the police. Mrs Spalding has received a threatening phone call. The police suspect the Barraboutis family - relatives of the murdered boy - since there's been a long history of violence on the estate between the two families.  They suggest that William tries to keep the funeral as low-key as possible. But Robbie McManaman, the murderer's son, refuses to change the funeral plans.

Meanwhile, Mary has made a foray into independent midwifery. It's a far cry from the stress of the NHS.  Her first 'client' is the owner of the independent agency, and teaches her about latest techniques, such as aqua natal classes.

Kate's attempts to lose her virginity continue - this time with an older man, Steve, whom she meets at Brendan's football practice. He's desperate to get her into bed, but Kate's not entirely sure. Her friend Celia advises her to go for it

The threats to the undertakers and the McManaman funeral escalate dramatically.  Arnold's house is firebombed, so the police advise them not to stay in their own homes. William feels terribly responsible, and moves everyone into Mary's old flat for the night. It's absolutely packed.

The next day, Mary is called away to deliver Hannah's baby, but she manages to make it back in time to go to William's latest gig. No Name is playing at an Elvis Night for a slimmers' club - but, dressed in his white suit and an absurd Elvis wig and sideburns, William is not enjoying himself. Neither is Julia, who confides in Mary that she misses the old days - just her, Kate and William. Mary realises that the chaos of William's house is too much for them, and begins to hatch a plan.

Egged on by Celia, Kate skips out of the Elvis night and meets Steve for sex at the sports pavilion. After the event, she's full of regret and self-loathing.

The McManaman funeral goes ahead, with a notable police presence. Robbie is furious when Mrs Barraboutis - the murdered boy's mother - turns up. In his rage, he tries to attack her and is arrested by the police. They know that he has been responsible for the threats to Arnold and Mrs Spalding. He was trying to get more publicity for his father's appeal.

After the funeral, William meets Mary in their new house, which now looks slightly less like a building site. William agrees that life in his house is proving far too chaotic for them all. Mary has a solution: she and the boys will stay in her flat until the new house is ready.  Then, they can all start their new life together.