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William And Mary

Episode 1 recap

William Shawcross is a widowed father of two, who has set his sights on finding the right woman by joining up market dating agency Two Of A Kind. But all of his potential matches are looking uninspiring until he sees Mary Gilcrest's video diary and is immediately captivated.

Meanwhile, midwife Mary is having problems of her own at work and is barely in the mood for dating men. But after some encouragement from her best mate Doris, she heads out on a date with the ultra suave Matt, who turns out to be a highly inappropriate suitor- not least because he is married! A furious Mary demands her money back from the dating agency, but is persuaded to try one final date, community worker William.

On the day of their date Mary visits Sal, a pregnant woman whose care she is heavily involved in. Sal's pregnancy has been complicated by the discovery of a cancerous tumour. Her supportive husband Tom is urging her to have her baby induced so that she can start chemotherapy as soon as possible. After much discussion Sal agrees but what she really wants to talk about is Mary's date with William. 

William sits nervously waiting for Mary to arrive at the Japanese restaurant where they've arranged to meet.  Despite some initial awkwardness the attraction between them is obvious but Mary has to cut their date short when she receives an urgent call. Sal has collapsed.

Back at the hospital preparations are being made to induce Sal immediately, but to Sal's delight she unexpectedly goes into labour. The sparks soon fly, however, when Mary clashes with Dr Spick, who insists that Sal must have an epidural, despite her fierce wish to give birth naturally.  Mary rushes to Sal's defence, insisting that Sal has the right to choose. Dr Spick has her removed from the hospital.  An emotional Mary waits outside all night until she has confirmation that mother and baby are doing well.  But Mary is in trouble and must report to the Director of Midwifery the next day.

Meanwhile, a bewildered William is hoping he'll get the chance to see Mary again.  But back at Mary's house, her mother Molly has other ideas as she is still determined to reunite her with ex-boyfriend Rick.  At the hospital Mary is reprimanded for her unprofessional behaviour and instructed to have no contact with Sal and Tom.

William and Mary attempt a second date when she goes to see him play in his band.  She has a great time, the chemistry between them is obvious and they end up in bed together at a London hotel.

Things are looking up, Mary has tentative high hopes for their blossoming romance and William is clearly bowled over.  But all this is brought to a sudden halt when Mary receives the devastating news that Sal has died.  She rushes to the house to be with an inconsolable Tom.  As the undertaker arrives to remove Sal's body, Mary is shocked to be confronted by a familiar face. It is none other than William.