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When We Go To War

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Cissy Smith

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Cissy Smith (played by Freya Milner)

Cissy is pretty, vivacious and a contrast to her sister Bea. She harbours no academic aspirations, but reads trashy romantic fiction, works in the family Emporium and dreams of one day being swept off her feet by a handsome stranger. But in the meantime, she'd settle for just having some fun. Most of all, Cissy likes being centre of attention. She follows the latest fashions and is thrilled that her future sister-in-law Violet wants to be her friend. When war breaks out all she can think about is marrying a handsome man in uniform

Freya has this to say about Cissy:

"Cissy is a bit of a romantic. I think if she lived now she would probably be very into rom-coms and trash romantic fiction. She's a bit of a dreamer, she wants to be like her sister Bea and she tries to act like a lady when she meets Violet, trying to be proper like her. She gets caught up in all the excitement of the war without really knowing what's serious about it.

Seeing what Cissy's world was like then, makes me very grateful for living now and the freedoms I have that she didn't have - things that were scandalous then are not now. It was exacerbated by the War where everything came to a boiling point and there were lots of young women mistreated or caught up in the wrong way with men at that time."