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What Really Happened - Waitangi


The Reverend Ironside played by Simon London

Simon London as The Reverend Ironside

A rather intense evangelical Wesleyan minister, Samuel Ironside was born in Sheffield and was only 26 at the time of the signing.

He believed fervently that the natives had to be protected from the decadent and immoral settlers and that the Treaty was the best way to do this.

He spoke Te Reo fairly fluently (he gave his first sermon in Te Reo six weeks after his arrival in NZ in 1839) and 'went fearlessly amongst the natives'.

Simon London on Ironside

"Ironside's desire to have the Treaty signed was almost entirely to protect the native culture which he saw as threatened by the uncontrolled European settlers. He was staunchly Methodist and very hands on in his approach. He quickly became close to the tribes in the Hokianga, and accompanied Patuone and Nene to the treaty signing only 10 months after arriving in the country."