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What Really Happened - Waitangi


Jack Jones played by Stig Eldred

Stig Eldred as Jack Jones

In his late 50's, Jack is a rough entrepreneurial American who makes a living in trading and selling anything he can. You want it, Jack can find it. Mokomokai, prostitutes, or even just guns, grog, corn or a nice fat pig. Jack speaks 'trading Te Reo', in other words, enough to get by.

Jack loves the smell of a deal. He loves the freedom and risk involved in living in one of the last 'uncivilized' places on earth. And he's really pissed off that the British are coming and ruining it all. Jack has a sneaking admiration for his 'dusky brothers' although he is happy to rip them off, and deals in vice and misery.

Stig Eldred on Jack Jones

"Jack stands for the "everyman", who was here in New Zealand before the British took an interest. He's an American, so the British are the enemy, one thing he knows for sure is that they are not going to be good to the natives. But he also thinks he's sweet, the Brits will be good for business, plenty of trade in booze, guns and prostitutes."