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What Now turns 30!

What Now on TV2

Jason Gunn and Thingee - What Now

It's Happy Birthday What Now, as New Zealand's favourite kids television show celebrates its 30th year as your favourite Sunday morning treat! 

To celebrate we're putting on an extra special birthday show screening Sunday 24th July.

We'll be welcoming some old faces who've appeared on What Now over the years. They'll be joining us in the studio, to play some old What Now games, get gunged and reminisce about all things What Now!  

You'll also be able to get your hands on a piece of history with What Now's 30th Birthday Puzzle and Camilla's Treasure Hunt this week! 

Plus we have some very special visitors in all your favourite funnies and even the Wobblies get the Birthday treatment! 

And we haven't forgotten the birthday What Now creates a cupcake tower of epic proportions! 

It's What Now's 30th Birthday show and you're invited Sunday 24th July at 8am on TV2!!!!!

We also asked NZ celebrites to share their favourite memories of What Now.

Bronwyn Turei - Go Girls

Did you watch What Now as a kid? Who do you remember best?

Yes, I watched every weekend. I vaguely remember Si and Cath but my strongest fun memories were with Jase, Ants, Shav, Caro, Tamati, Props Boy, Virgini, and their awesome skits!  I always tried to ring every show and could never get through. I just sat there hitting redial, good thing it was toll free eh?!

Did you ever want to be a kids TV presenter?

I was way too shy to be a kids presenter!  But I did work as an actor in a troupe touring round primary schools in Auckland doing Educational Musicals promoting reading - SO MUCH FUN!

What were you like as a kid?

Rip shit and Bust, head first into anything, eager to please, clumsy, hard worker, tomboyish, would never shut up!

30 years is a long time for a programme to be on air. Whats its secret?

Fart jokes. Timeless!

Bernadine Oliver-Kirby

Did you watch What Now as a kid? Who do you remember best?

I watched What Now every weekend as a young thing.. back in the days of Simon Barnett and Catherine McPhearson.

Crazy thing is.. my very first job was in the Childrens Department at TVNZ in Christchurch presenting a show called LIFE 91.  Our office was located right next door to The What Now office and saw the What Now team daily and shared much hilarity and fun with the What Now team.. and who can top having Jason Gunn as a work neighbour. Fun fun fun!

I have been a guest on What Now a few times and you can never prepare for the cold, slippery, slimy gunge machine.  Eeeww!

What were you like as a kid?

I was sporty as a kid.. and didn't spend a lot of time indoors watching TV.. but the weekend What Now slot was ritual.  I could never ring the show up or enter competitions though, too shy!

30 years is a long time for a programme to be on air. Whats its secret?

So many factors have contributed to the success  of What Now success.  You can't overlook the dedicated crew who put the show together each week and have so much fun doing it.  If you enjoy what you do it's hardly work is it? Getting paid to have laugh, have fun.. slim people and meet great New Zealanders?  Ka pai!

Happy Birthday What Now.   Nearly as old as me....