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Wellington Weather

Page last updated: 7:22AM Saturday November 01, 2014

Two Day Forecast



Rain,then clearing with northwest gale easing.



A few showers with a change to cooler southerlies.

Coastal Marine ForecastLast updated: 4:30AM Sat, Nov 01, 2014

  • Cook


    *GALE WARNING IN FORCE* Northerly 10 knots, gradually rising to 25 knots this morning,and to 40 knots this evening. Sea becoming very rough. Southerly swell rising to 1 metre for a time.


    Outlook following 3 days: Northerly 35 knots, rising Sunday 50 knots with high sea, easing Monday 30 knots.Changing Tuesday southerly 20 knots. Moderate northerly swell developing for a time late Sunday and early Monday.

Local Tide ForecastsLast updated: 4:31AM Sat, Nov 01, 2014


  DATE TIME (24hr) HEIGHT (m)
H 31 Oct 23:22 1.8 m
L 1 Nov 05:45 0.5 m
H 1 Nov 11:47 1.7 m
L 1 Nov 17:57 0.5 m
H 2 Nov 00:16 1.8 m
L 2 Nov 06:34 0.5 m

Leisure Marine ForecastLast updated: 10:21AM Sat, Nov 01, 2014

  • Wellington

    Wellington Harbour and the south coast from Sinclair Head to Baring Head.


    An active front, preceded by strong northerlies, moves over the area overnight Sunday. A complex trough moves across the area on Tuesday.


    GALE warning for COOK


    Strong wind advisory.

    Saturday: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots this morning, and to 25 knots gusting 35 knots this afternoon. Sea becoming rough this afternoon. Mainly fine.


    Outlook until midnight Tuesday: Sunday: Northerly rising to 35 knots. Drizzle developing. Monday: Easing to northwest 20 knots in the morning. Morning rain, then mainly fine. Tuesday: Changing southerly 15 knots late. Cloudy periods and a few showers.


    Swell forecast to midnight Wednesday: For Wellington South Coast and Palliser Bay: Southerly 1 metre, easing to half a metre on Sunday, then rising to a metre Tuesday. For Castlepoint: Southerly about a metre. Northeast half a metre developing for a time late Sunday and Monday.