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New Plymouth Weather

Page last updated: 8:21AM Sunday October 26, 2014

Two Day Forecast



Early showers, late rain. Gusty northwesterlies.



Rain then showers. Northwest turns strong southwest.

Coastal Marine ForecastLast updated: 5:00AM Sun, Oct 26, 2014

  • Raglan


    Westerly rising to 20 knots this morning. Sea becoming moderate. Southwest swell 2 metres easing. Northwest swell 1 metre developing. Fair visibility in patchy drizzle developing this morning.


    Outlook following 3 days: Rising Monday morning westerly 30 knots, easing for a time Tuesday westerly 15 knots. Sea rough at times. Moderate southwest and northwest swells at times.

  • Stephens


    Northwest rising to 30 knots this evening. Sea becoming rough. Southwest swell west of Cape Farewell to Hawera, 2 metres easing. Westerly swell in the east, rising to 2 metres. Poor visibility in rain developing this evening.


    Outlook following 3 days: Northwest 25 knots. Becoming Monday evening southeast 35 knots. Becoming Tuesday northwest 20 knots. Rising Wednesday westerly 35 knots. Sea very rough at times. Moderate northwest swell at times. Moderate southwest swell at times in west.

Local Tide ForecastsLast updated: 5:02AM Sun, Oct 26, 2014

Port Taranaki

  DATE TIME (24hr) HEIGHT (m)
H 25 Oct 22:55 3.5 m
L 26 Oct 05:09 0.5 m
H 26 Oct 11:13 3.4 m
L 26 Oct 17:30 0.4 m
H 26 Oct 23:34 3.5 m
L 27 Oct 05:51 0.5 m