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Wai Ora - 8 Aug

This is a story on the importance of our water ways, how the water was and how water is now. The way to measure the health of a stream is by the types of species that inhabit that stream&

We have so many living organisms in our water ways and one prominent food chain cycle that has existed for thousands of years starts from little bio film particles that the invertebrates (fresh water insects) eat,
Tuna and beautiful native fish such as the Papane (Red finned Bully) eat the invertebrates, they then migrate to Sea to breed and die. Fish such as Kahawai and Mullet feed on the white bait from the Bullies and Tuna. The Sharks, Barracudas and Squid eat the Kahawai and finally the sperm whale eats the squid.

My aim is to introduce everyone to the beauty of the rare species in this food chain and also raise awareness as to how important 'Wao Ora' really is, if any of the participants in the food chain were to vanish, every other creature in the cycle would eventually vanish including humans.

To conclude this documentary we will look at the health of our water today, water politics (claims etc&), logging erosion, introduced fish and pollution.

As a resolution, I will give hope for the future and follow Kura students to the stream as they learn about the different things that live in it and how to test the health of River water.

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