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Waka Huia

Sunday at 10.30am | TV ONE

Kiri Atawhai Dewes - 16 Aug

'Waka Huia' profiles Kiri Dewes, resident of Melbourne for over 30 years who diligently upholds her traditions in a foreign country.

Kiri Dewes of Ngati Porou decent was born on the 23rd June, 1937 and raised on the East Coast of New Zealand.

She gave birth to seven children. Two sons tend to the family homestead in Gisborne while three daughters live near her in Australia.

Kiri has lived in Melbourne for nearly 30 years. She supports all kaupapa Maori happening in her region and also runs wananga to support her local community.

Kiri is a renowned author of short stories and poems in both Maori & English. She has won numerous awards in Washington and her works have also been published in International Poetry Journals.