Poll result 'soul destroying' for John Key

Published: 7:40AM Monday September 01, 2014 Source: ONE News

John Key says it is "a bit soul-destroying" that a new poll has revealed people do not believe him over a Dirty Politics revelation.

The latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll also asked if people believe the National Party leader when he says he was not personally informed about the release of SIS information to blogger Cameron Slater.

While 41% said they do believe him, 44% say they don't and 14% said they didn't know.

"Everytime you ask the public whether they believe a politician or not the answers wither a bit like that or much worse," Mr Key says

"Every time I lose one of those polls I find it a bit soul-destroying. But I can tell you what I know I wasn't in the country the head of the SIS said I wasn't involved and the chief Ombudsman backs him up."

The release of the information will be the focus of a security and intelligence hearing on September 11 where Mr Key's staff will be called to give evidence.

It is one of the serious allegations raised in Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book, which is based on emails hacked from Cameron Slater's computer.