Vote Compass: Support for capital gains tax

Published: 9:16AM Sunday August 24, 2014 Source: ONE News

There is strong support for making landlords pay capital gains tax when they sell their rental properties, according to early results from the Vote Compass survey.

More than 200,000 people have completed the survey which calculates how the policies of different parties line up with your own personal views.

Vote Compass asked tens of thousands of people whether landlords should pay more tax on the sale of their rental properties.

Nearly half either agreed or strongly agreed, while a third weren't happy.

Law Clerk James Corcoran is living with his girlfriend's parents to save for his first home.

"It's really hard. Obviously any houses that do come on the market within the price range we can afford go really quickly.

"You might go to an open home and there'll be 20 or 30 people there and the competition is really quick," Mr Corcoran says.

To help take the heat out of the propert market, the Labour Party is promising a capital gains tax which would exclude the family home.

"It might stop a lot of people buying and selling houses just as an investment," says Mr Corcoran.

Vote Compass data also suggests that most people think that wealthy people should pay the same amount of tax as they do now, except for people inclined towards the Internet Mana Party who believe that wealthy people should pay much more.

Most people who took part in the survey agree that corporations should pay somewhat more tax, but left wing voters overwhelmingly believe that corporations should pay much more.

Researchers are working to produce more detailed results on the issues Vote Compass respondents say matter the most.

It's the most sophisticated voter attitude survey ever taken in New Zealand and is being hosted by ONE News, working with a team of New Zealand political scientists and researchers based in Canada.

The findings are based on 76,663 respondents to Vote Compass from August 17-19. Though Vote Compass is not a poll, respondent data are weighted using the latest census data to approximate a representative sample of the New Zealand population.

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Once you've finished, Vote Compass compares your answers with the policy positions of the parties. Then it displays your position on a grid, showing where you stand in the overall political landscape. If you wish, you can choose to share your results page on social media.

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