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This show from the United Kingdom shows everything you could ever want to make to want to make or do right at your finger tips.  It's a fresh and  innovative approach to home creative fun!
Bursting with colour, energy and inspiration, Finger Tips encourages children to use their imagination and express themselves creatively by showing them how to make cool, innovative things that are truly step-bystep in ease to follow.
The programme covers all levels of creativity, allowing for beginners right through to children of a more advanced creative level.  The series in the UK has been a huge success with children and has encouraged children to learn and try new skills.
Examples of what the show will make and do includes; making a money box safe, have some party fun by making a pinata for smashing the loot out of, learn to juggle, or even that time old question how to leave foot prints on the ceiling.....this show is definitely all about making cool stuff, learning new skills and best of all having safe fun! 

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