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5 Videos I'm Glad I Worked On by Richard Bell
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Richard Bell
Music Video Director

In association with Anton Corbijn, Richard as worked on music videos for some of the world's leading acts.

Now based in Christchurch he has directed a number of the local videos that we play on "Hum" (and he also made the Hellers ads).

For the last two years Richard's Phoenix Foundation videos have won the Kodak Music Clip Knack Award for best low budget video.

5 Videos I'm Glad I Worked On

1. Nirvana "Heart Shaped Box" (1993) Producer
Huge fan, loved the music, band were great to work with. First single off the album so huge effort and worked on it solidly for nearly 2 months. Won an MTV award so people seemed to like it. An honour to have done it.

2. Phoenix Foundation "Let Me Die a Woman" (2003) Director
Shoestring budget, scheduling got tricky, enough reasons to not make it but was determined to do it as I was properly in love with the music. Worked out sweet and I still like watching it.

3. Henry Rollins Band "Liar" (1994) Producer
Respect Henry. A true pillar in the world of independent music and thought, a big moment for me as I admired him so much.

4. Dimmer "Case" (2004) Director
Guess one day I'll have to stop pursuing the bands I spend all my time listening to, but until then it's a rush to work with them. Up there for me in musical greatness.

5. Joy Division "Atmosphere" (1988) Producer
A band I worshipped as a teenager and suddenly got to make a video for them. Awe.

Is that it?..... Can I have some more?.... This is worse than choosing favourite children....

Find out more about Richard's work at www.shuriken.co.nz


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