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Robert Bathurst
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Robert Bathurt's early years were spent in West Africa and Ireland, where he experienced a satisfactorily brutal boarding school education.

While he decided he wanted to be an actor at age 13, he didn't own up to it until he was 25, when he came out to his parents about his chose profession, after a particularly lucrative Guinness advertisement came his way.

Robert's recent acting roles have included The Safe House and White Teeth - the screen adaptation of Zadie Smith's acclaimed novel. Robert is also proud to have been 'killed' in the first episodes of both Red Dwarf and Hornblower.

Robert admits that playing the part of David has had certain benefits.

"I've been able to have my mid-life crisis in fiction, which has been fantastic!" he laughs.

He also reveals the reality behind that crying scene at the end of series four.

"We shot the scene in the studio because we weren't allowed to film on a real aircraft. So we had to get sections of a plane's interior and stick them all together. The bits were flapping all over the place whenever anyone moved. I had to look out the porthole and have a weep. As I was doing that, I looked out and there through the window, standing where the wing should be, was the show's carpenter trying to hold the set together."

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