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Hannah Marshall as Kimberley
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Hannah Marshall donned a pregnancy suit to play the free spirited Kimberley in Burying Brian.

What appealed to you about your Burying Brian role - why did you want to take this job, playing this character?

I loved the scripts first and foremost, and the challenge of playing a pregnant, complex character in such crazy circumstances seemed fabulously daunting and yet exciting at the same time. 

Kimberly just struck a chord with me for some reason. 

Likewise, the show itself was pioneering something quite different for New Zealand television - it all seemed to good to be true when I was offered the role.  These opportunities just don't come along every day.

What was the single-most enjoyable thing about working on Burying Brian?

The crew and cast. Every day was a blast because you are working with great actors and crew all very passionate about the project and keen to see it succeed. 

There were a lot of laughs and a lot of ridiculous situations which just made you forget you were actually "working". 

Having said that, lunch comes a close second - those guys were the best caterers ever. Ever.

What was the most challenging thing about working on Burying Brian?

Playing a pregnant woman and giving birth credibly without insulting any mother who had ever done it! 

It was so important to me to get it right, but obviously having never done it and not being that "method", I just did as much research as humanly possible.

Also, I was filming Amazing Extraordinary Friends 2 at the same time, so juggling my filming schedule and switching between characters was a pretty big challenge.

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