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Interview with Ingrid Park
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Ingrid Park is known to Shortland Street viewers as the evil MacKenzie Choat who saw Lionel off a cliff in 1999. Now she's donned a pink dress and white cowboy boots to play Denise in Burying Brian.

What appealed to you about your Burying Brian role - why did you want to take this job, playing this character?

The absolute number one reason was her quirky comedy value. I love Denise. She's so unpredictable and more fun to play than any other character I've ever been.

(And I wanted to wear pink frocks and white cowboy boots. What girl doesn't?)

What was the single-most enjoyable thing about working on Burying Brian?

Well, I can tell you what it wasn't - dragging that damn carpet around day after day. Who would have thought you could get carpet burn standing up!

What I liked the most, was of course, the girls: Carrie, Jodie and Rebecca are terrific, and I mean that both professionally and socially.

We bonded really quickly and socialised a lot together. They're great ladies.

What was the most challenging thing about working on Burying Brian?

Without giving away the story, I have a scene where I get more than a little upset with my life.

As an actor you have to go to a really dark place to bring out the kind of performance required in those scenes and I hate doing that.

It's really quite depressing. Of course, it is just make believe, but there's always an element of truth in it.

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