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Costume designer Claire Palmer
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Claire Palmer and her team are responsible for all the costumes on Dancing With The Stars.

Tell us about your job...
My job is to design the costumes needed for the show. I resource fabrics and materials, oversee construction and fitting of all costumes, source shoes, jewellery and any other accessories needed (hats, canes, etc).

I find clothes for Jason, Candy and the judges and look after any wardrobe requests and requirements. I couldn't possibly do all this without my amazing team.

On Tuesday nights I am behind the scenes dressing and doing final checks on all the costumes before our couples dance. I'm also a keeper of the rescue remedy and mints!

How long have you worked on DWTS?

Since the beginning (season 1) so 3 years.

What has been your favourite costume to date?
Just about all of them. Each time we make one, it becomes my new favourite! I do have a soft spot for Angela's Samba cossy from series 2 , purely because its pink, sparkly and fluffy!

What was the most difficult costume to make?
Beatrice's first ballroom dress as we had no measurements and had to guess her size from watching her on the telly at the Commonwealth games.

Do you liaise with the dancers and celebs before designing the costumes?  Or do you create the costumes on your own?
I welcome and encourage input from all of our dancers and celebs. Costumes are such a huge part of the show.

The celebs and dancers need to feel a million bucks in their costumes as well as comfortable. The costumes need to be suited to the dance, music, personality, skin tone, hair colouring and of course budget!

How long does it take to sew all the sequins, feathers and other dance accessories onto the costumes?  Do you do it week to week or are the costumes prepared in advance?
Initially we are prepped two weeks in advance.  As the show progresses time catches up with us and couples get eliminated which puts the pressure on!

Each ballroom costume can take up to approximately 40 hours to complete, Latin costumes take a bit less.

If you were dancing on the show, what costume would you like to wear?-eg Lorraine Downes' silver togs?
Now there's a scary thought! Probably ballroom, maybe like the one that Tina Cross will be wearing in episode 2.

In your experience dealing with the celebs, what does it take to win the competition?
Guts, determination, commitment, being open minded and a huge sense of trust in the people working with you!


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