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TVNZ Charter

The TVNZ Charter was formally implemented on 1 March 2003. The Charter shall apply to all those parts of TVNZ's operations that contribute to its broadcast content. It shall be predominantly fulfilled through free-to-air broadcasting.

TVNZ shall:

  • feature programming across all genres that informs, entertains and educates New Zealand audiences;
  • strive always to set and maintain the highest standards of programme quality and editorial integrity;
  • provide shared experiences that contribute to a sense of citizenship and national identity
  • ensure in its programmes and programme planning the participation of Maori and the presence of a significant Maori voice;
  • feature programming that serves the varied interests and informational needs and age groups within New Zealand society, including tastes and interests not generally catered for by other national television broadcasters
  • maintain a balance between programmes of general appeal and programmes of interest to smaller audiences
  • seek to extend the range of ideas and experiences available to New Zealanders
  • play a leading role in New Zealand television by setting standards of programme quality and encouraging creative risk-taking and experiment
  • play a leading role in New Zealand television by complying with free-to-air codes of broadcasting practise, in particular any code with provisions on violence;
  • support and promote the talents and creative resources of New Zealanders and of the independent New Zealand film and television industry

In fulfilment of these objectives, TVNZ will:

  • provide independent, comprehensive, impartial, and in-depth coverage and analysis of news and current affairs in New Zealand and throughout the world and of the activities of public and private institutions;
  • feature programming that contributes towards intellectual, scientific and cultural development, promotes informed and many-sided debate and stimulates critical thought, thereby enhancing opportunities for citizens to participate in community, national and international life;
  • in its programming enable all New Zealanders to have access to material that promotes Maori language and culture;
  • feature programmes that reflect the regions to the nation as a whole;
  • promote understanding of the diversity of cultures making up the New Zealand population;
  • feature New Zealand films, drama, comedy and documentary programmes;
  • feature programmes about New Zealand's history and heritage, and natural environment;
  • feature programmes that serve the interests and informational needs of Maori audiences, including programmes promoting the Maori language and programmes addressing Maori history, culture and current issues;
  • include in programming intended for a mass audience material that deals with minority interests;
  • feature New Zealand and international programmes that provide for the informational, entertainment and educational needs of children and young people and allow for the participation of children and young people;
  • maintain and observe a code of ethics that addresses the level and nature of advertising to which children are exposed;
  • feature programmes that encourage and support the arts, including programmes featuring New Zealand and international artists and arts companies;
  • reflect the role that sporting and other leisure interests play in New Zealand life and culture and;
  • and feature programming of an educational nature that support learning and the personal development of New Zealanders.
The TVNZ Charter document is available to download in PDF format.
- TVNZ Charter

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