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Call him Daddy

Craig Valentine (Renato Bartolomei) could be in for the shock of his life on Shortland Street this week. The secret is leaking that ex-fiancée Huia Samuels (Nicola Kawana) is pregnant and unknown to Craig, he is the father.

Actor Renato Bartolomei believes his character will be blindsided by the news, which could spell the end for his current relationship with the volatile Dr Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing).
"I think his initial feelings will be of shock, it will rock his world in a large way," Renato says. Craig already has two teenage children and after working hard on his relationship with Sarah (Amanda Billing), his life has finally gained some stability. That is all about to change.

Renato admits the news would be shattering for Sarah. "He would be aware that it was going to be very difficult for Sarah but he would tell her what he was going to do and hope that it was going to work out." Craig has taken his responsibilities as a father seriously and it appears the baby may take priority over Sarah if he is forced to make a choice.

While Sarah is deeply in love with Craig, she has discovered that finally winning her man hasn't made her insecurities about their relationship disappear. A child to his ex can only make things worse.

"I think he will stand back and let things play their natural course," Renato explains.

"If that meant Sarah was no longer in his world... then so be it. I think he will stand back and say, 'well Sarah, how are you going to behave in this situation? If you are going to behave stupidly then let's call it quits'." Will Sarah be able to hold on to her man?

Working with Craig and Huia and playing step-mum to their child is the worst possible outcome for Sarah and she will face a true test of character when she finally discovers the news. Renato admits tension between Huia and Sarah is unlikely to cease. "Huia and Sarah have really learned to hate one another and I don't see that ever changing in the future. Craig is a bit impotent in terms of what to do with that situation."

Is Craig about to gain a child only to lose a lover?

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