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Shortland Street nice guy Anthony Richards' (Michael Morris) bizarre antics reach new extremes this week, forcing girlfriend Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) to take serious action.

Since hooking up with Tania, Ant's jealousy, lies and unpredictable behaviour have become increasingly frequent occurrences... yet the jury is still out on whether Ant is a genuine creep or simply misunderstood. "He definitely sees things a certain way and can't quite understand why people don't see things from his perspective," says actor Michael Morris.
"Anthony Richards is a complex character who is fundamentally very career driven," says Morris. Ant's career has been a shining success to date, but matching that success to his personal life and ultimately his relationship with Tania is proving increasingly challenging. "He has had some bad relationships in the past... and this has really affected his views on relationships," says Morris. "He feels like he is the victim."

Is Ant too good to be true? He has swept Tania off her feet and has big plans for their future. However, sisters Maia and Libby have already spotted the warning signs and tried to warn Tania against him. Morris says Ant is desperate for their relationship to succeed. "He sees her as everything that he needs to create the life that he has been wanting for a long time."

Tania may be having second thoughts, but Ant can be extremely convincing and his ability to persuade her is bordering on the lines of manipulation. "He will say what he needs to say to make people happy. I think he is a great sales rep for himself," says Morris. What he doesn't seem to realise is that his uncontrollable jealousy could send Tania over the edge for good.

Is Ant destined to lose the thing he loves most? "Some times you need to lie in order to protect people," says Morris. "[It's] his job to put his arm round her and protect her, even if it means protecting her from himself."


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