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Jeffrey Walker

The story thus far...

It took me until I was seven years old to talk my parents into letting me join an acting agency. Understandably, they were concerned that if I went to auditions and wasn't successful, I'd be heart broken.  Luckily, the first thing I tried out for was an episode of THE FLYING DOCTORS, and I just happened to be what they were looking for: a short, freckle-faced, floppy blonde haired boy from Bentleigh, Victoria. 

Now that I had a taste for acting, I wanted more.  Commercials, films, and other television series followed.  I was about as driven as a young man can be, hungry for the next role, willing to compete with anyone in the country to win that next great part. 

One of my first main roles in a series was playing the character Bronson in ROUND THE TWIST;  a wonderful show with terrific scripts.  It was a fun shoot and an experience that I'll never forget.  More series followed, OCEAN GIRL, THE WAYNE MANIFESTO and THUNDERSTONE, to name a few. 

During my mid teens, I developed a fascination with film cameras and everything that went on behind the scenes.  Whilst I still loved acting, there seemed to be a new challenge waiting for me on the other side of the lens.

I wanted to be a Director of Photography (fancy name for a cameraman), but after doing work experience with a camera department, I felt the road was too long and potentially unrewarding.  Due to my acting background, I came to the realisation that directing might be an avenue to pursue. 

I made a short film when I was fifteen called, TEA PARTY ANIMALS.  It was after this experience that I knew I wanted to be a director, and would do everything I needed to achieve that goal; even if it meant giving up acting. 

After I finished year twelve at Sandringham College, I was offered a traineeship in producing and directing with the company I'd worked with on OCEAN GIRL and THUNDERSTONE.  The year and a half that I spent in this position, became one the most rewarding and enjoyable professional experiences of my life.  I learnt about budgets, scripting, casting, visual effects and most importantly, on set directing.

At the conclusion of my internship, I approached the producer of NEIGHBOURS and asked if I could train and work on the show.  At the time, I was only twenty years old and didn't give myself much chance of being hired to direct a show that was nearly as old as I was!  However, they gave me the opportunity to train with them and out of that training came my first official job as a director. Needless to say, I was stoked!  I became the youngest drama director in Australia and felt on top of the world.

I tried my hand directing a couple of other shows soon too, BLUE HEELERS, FERGUS McPHAIL and HOME AND AWAY.  It was through doing these series that I was lucky enough to be hired to direct two episodes of HOLLY'S HEROES.  I loved the concept of the show and how real the characters were.  It was a thoroughly fulfilling experience and I felt lucky to be a part of it. 

From there, I've directed a series titled, LAST MAN STANDING (currently screening on TV2) and the second series of WICKED SCIENCE.  I love working and feel, more often than not, as though I have the best job in the world. 

The transition from acting to directing has presented challenges that I have relished, and opportunities I never thought I would get.  It's a fun and exciting business where you're only limited by how big you can dream.

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