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Pua Magasiva

Pua Magasiva was born in Samoa, moving to New Zealand in when he was two and grew up in Wellington.  He attended St Patrick's College in Kilbirnie at the same time as fellow cast member Jacob Tomuri (who plays Norman Hanson) and the pair are now good friends, sharing a dressing room at Shortland Street with David Wikaira-Paul (Tama Hudson). 

Pua is close to his family, which includes his twin Tanu, three other brothers Steven, Miki and Robbie (a well known actor who has starred in The Strip and several Naked Samoans' productions), and little sister Trina.  He credits Robbie with sparking his interest in the industry. 

Robbie signed Pua and Tanu up with an acting agency, Pua soon started getting extra work and small roles and fell in love with acting.  He has had roles in the films Crime Story, Aidiko Insane, and Other Side of Heaven; gave an acclaimed performance in Mario Goa's play Ten Days in Dream directed by Colin Mitchell, and more recently Mitchell's play Sex with Strangers; and was the Red Power Ranger in the American series Power Rangers. 

The role of Shortland Street nurse Vinnie Kruse is his first major appearance on New Zealand screens.  Pua was a finalist in the 2004 Cleo Magazine Celebrity Bachelor of the Year. He plays touch rugby and runs for exercise, and is preparing to be tested for his scuba diving license.  Pua is bilingual in Samoan and English.  Other skills include singing and a variety of dancing styles.  His favourite way to spend free time is chilling out with friends and family.

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