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Meet the man behind Evil Dom

Chris and Dominic's hatred for each other is coming to a head on screen, but behind the scenes Michael Galvin and Shane Cortese are good friends. They shared a dressing room for much of Shane's time on Shortland Street and also share a deep (some might say fanatical) love of Rugby. 

They've spent a lot of time together on the terraces of Eden Park, supporting the All Blacks and weathering comments from the crowds. Shane has also developed friendships with actor Calvin Tuteao who played another nemesis of Dominic, Victor Kahu. The three actors had matching nicknames:  The Dominator, the Victimiser and (less impressively) the Christener. He and Laura Hill, who pays his sister Toni, also had a good friendship - and teased each other in a very sibling-like way.   

Dominic's romance with sixteen-year-old Delphi Greenlaw (Anna Hutchison) scandalised some viewers. But in real life, Shane and his English partner Claire were both so fond of Anna and her character that they named their intrepid kitten Delphi in her honour. Earlier this year, Delphi the kitten tangled with a car. Delphi recovered well, but Shane was devastated when the accident happened and staff at his local vet clinic were stunned to be confronted by a cold-blooded TV villain in tears over the fate of his small cat.

Shane doesn't have any kids (yet) but loves children and has a great rapport with them.  One of his biggest worries when Dominic's evil side began to be revealed on screen was that children would be scared of him. It's true that invitations to kids' charity events dried up, but when Shane visited schools in the Nelson region with TV2's In The Neighbourhood roadshow, it was clear that the children loved him. 

More recently, he admitted to being nervous about being a guest presenter on TV2 afternoon show Studio 2. It was also his first experience at being a presenter on live television, but it went well and fans commented how nice he was in real life! He also enjoyed working with Callum Campell-Ross who played opposite him as Dom's nephew Harry, and one of the hardest things about doing Dominic's final storyline was that it involved scenes where Toni and Harry were frightened and upset by Dominic - Shane made it up by being extra nice to Callum afterwards.

Shane is a great singer and spent ten years working in musical theatre on London's West End in blockbuster shows like The Rocky Horror Show, Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat and Elvis: The Musical. 

He was playing a minor masked role in a musical when he got his lucky break. Knowing a talent scout was in the audience, Shane broke the producer's strict rules and took his mask off during the curtain call. The gamble paid off! He was offered the role of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show. 

Much as he loved his time in London, after ten years he was desperate to come back home and settle down. The offer of the role of Dominic, which he received via email, was a dream come true but he was faced with a difficult choice - to get back to New Zealand in time, he'd have to leave his current contract two weeks early. 

Shane couldn't negotiate an earlier departure with his employers, but Shortland Street was too good to miss. He broke his contract, and paid the price - but has never regretted it. Now that he's finished shooting with Shortland Street Shane is heading back to the UK for a couple of months. He'll be playing Prince Charming in a million pound Christmas Panto and is very much looking forward to playing a hero - although he's a little self-conscious about having to wear tights again on stage!  

Shane had a phenomenal line-up of storylines, first as 'good Dom', then as 'bad Dom'.  He went through two major operations, including one brain operation; a hidden secret storyline (that he was Chris's half-brother); an inheritance drama; a wedding story; a courtroom drama; a forbidden love; and was a serial killer. 

Looking back, his favourite scenes include the murder of PA Avril Lucich (Kate-Louise Elliot), who he drowned in the bath to the sound of The Chills' murder ballad 'Pink Frost'; and the emotional end of his love affair with Delphi. But the storyline he is most proud of is the final showdown between Dominic and Chris, which ended in a blazing inferno and Dom being charred. A fiery farewell to a fantastic character. Farewell Dom, we'll miss your bad boy ways!

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