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Robyn's return

The appearance of nurse Robyn Stokes (Kirstie O'Sullivan) at Shortland Street should cause a few waves, as the former troublemaker returns to the clinic with a new outlook and a new agenda.

Viewers will remember Robyn as the bad influence leading Toni (Laura Hill) astray on pints, pills and parties when she was pregnant with Harry (Callum Campbell-Ross). For all the ripples she caused during her time at Shortland Street, however, Robyn was an exemplary nurse: returning with more experience under her belt and a good working record, Judy Brownlee (Donogh Rees) couldn't pass her up for the job.

Time away has seen her mellow, and though she is still the same feisty Robyn, she understands she will need to rebuild some of the bridges she burned in the past, particularly where Chris (Michael Galvin) and Toni are concerned.

"Robyn is able to understand Toni's commitment to her family in a way she couldn't before," says O'Sullivan.  "She starts back at Shortland Street with a lot of making up to do and she definitely starts on the back foot with Toni. She needs to win her over."

Robyn's raucous meddling last time round culminated in her spiking Toni's drink with party drugs, an act that caused Chris to lose faith in Toni as the mother of his child and creating a crack in their relationship that was to have lasting affects on the couple.  With her return, old issues will no doubt come bubbling up to the surface.

This time round however, the nurse has bigger fish to fry. "Robyn has come back to work at Shortland Street with a very strong agenda," says O'Sullivan.  Robyn's agenda seems to have something to do with the mysterious link she appears to have with CEO Andrew Solomon (Paolo Rotondo), though exactly what it is remains hidden in the murky depths of their past. "Robyn is still attracted to powerful men, and powerful men have always been her downfall," O'Sullivan explains.

For other members of staff, Robyn will be a welcome new addition. "There's a quality of warmth about Robyn and she can be a good friend, but friendship serves a purpose for her," says O'Sullivan.

That purpose, as before, is looking after number one.  Robyn is more than a little career minded:  to her, money is freedom. One way or another, this is a lady who values her freedom more than anything and is bound to rock the boat more than just a little before she gets it.

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