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Who does Shannon really love?

Heart-throb Vinnie Kruse (Pua Magasiva) lays his heart on the line this week as he fights to save his relationship with girlfriend Shannon Te Ngaru (Amber Curreen).  Vinnie and Shannon's love affair has been an emotional rollercoaster since their affair started behind Tama's (David Wikaira-Paul) back.  Shannon is Vinnie's first real love and he's in no doubt that he wants to be with her.  But as Shannon grows increasingly preoccupied with ex-fiance Tama, Vinnie can't help wondering who Shannon's heart really belongs to.

Actor Pua Magasiva explains that when Vinnie fell for Shannon it changed everything for the previously dedicated ladies' man.  "Shannon's the first eye opener, the first girl who's really caught his heart.  He's really serious about her."  So serious in fact, that he'll do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.   "There's nothing that will hold him back. He's so in love with her." 

Vinnie believes he and Shannon are meant to be together, but he's not prepared to be second best to Tama.  After Victor's (Calvin Tuteao) shock conviction for the murder of Geoff Greenlaw (Andrew Laing), Shannon rushed to comfort her old love, and the pair have grown close again.  Their shared history, which includes an unplanned pregnancy, the death of their newborn baby, and Shannon's subsequent suicide attempt, means that they will always be an important part of each other's lives.  What Vinnie wants to know is; just how important is Tama to Shannon. 

Asked who Shannon truly wants to be with actor Amber Curreen's answer is not good news for Vinnie.  "Shannon wants Tama.  She truly loves him, and now sees what a good thing they had.  She feels terrible about herself - she has lost everything good in her life."  But Curreen is also quick to add that although deep down her character wants to be with Tama, there's no guarantee that will happen.

Could Tama and Shannon ever be happy together again?  Curreen says it's not impossible, but it wouldn't be easy.  "It would take a lot of work and Tama would have to learn to trust her."  In the end, focussing on a relationship with Vinnie, a man who truly loves her, might make more sense.  After all, Shannon gave up a lot to be with Vinnie - and the last thing she wants to do is mess up another relationship.

Find out how Shannon and Vinnie truly feel about each other this week.

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