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Nick Harrison

One of the show's most popular characters, Nick Harrison has a unique take on life.  He grew up on Shortland Street, making the transition from awkward and rebellious teenager to husband, father and entrepreneur. 

Nick married the love of his life Waverley in 2002 after an on-again, off-again courtship that spanned eight years. The couple were engaged three times to each other, and both married other people (Nick married Wave's cousin, Rachel to protest student loans, and Wave married Australian policeman Roger before discovering he was a bigamist) before finally tying the knot. 

Currently the Shortland Street Business Manager, and 2IC to CEO Chris Warner, Nick knows that Heads of Hospital may come and go, but the books still have to balance. 

When he won a share in local hotel the Dog's Day Inn in a poker game, the challenges of running a small business were added to Nick and Wave's already busy schedules. 

Still, as they hold onto their dream of retiring early as millionaires, Nick and Wave know that whatever the world throws at them, they'll face it together. 

Nick has a son Lucas with his former partner Angela (who died of cancer when Lucas was a baby) and he and Wave are now embracing the new challenge of having baby Tina in their lives.

Lately he has struggled with the home invasion which left he and his family living in fear. His lowest point came when he found himself pointing a gun at wife Waverley when he mistook her for the stalker. He has recently resigned from Shortland Street and is looking forward to a new life in Taranaki. But can he really leave his life in Ferndale behind so easily?

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