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Fraser Brown

Fraser Brown plays Sam, a cynical, good-looking charmer who owns a DJ/karaoke hire business. Sam believes in looking after number one, and does his best never to feel guilty about anything...

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it: Portraying a self-centred womaniser who has two or three women on the go at any one time. Enter suave actor Fraser Brown.

Fraser admits that his character Sam on The Insiders Guide to Happiness is certainly a 'bit of a bloke', but says that is exactly why many males will like and identify with him when they watch the show.

"As well as being very confident and cocky, Sam is also quick witted and a bit of a smart arse."

But despite his character's apparent shallowness, Fraser reckons, underneath all the bravado, his character is actually quite a nice guy. "But it doesn't really show very often'," he admits. "Sam's never been tested in his life. He's an only child. It's always been all about Sam."

He says his favourite scenes in Insiders Guide are the ones when his character is at the peak of his game, being 'Sam the Man'.  "Sam's juggling two girls - he's talking to one, and he's got the other one on his cell phone! So I loved those scenes just because he's so naughty!

"I spent a lot of time with my clothes off in this series," Fraser admits. "It's all right. I'm kind of used to it. But [as an actor] it's still challenging. I don't not enjoy it, but it's just weird."

At the same time Fraser really enjoyed acting in the intense break-up scene with his on-screen girlfriend, played by Samantha Jukes. "What happens is that Sam breaks up with Tina (a few times), but at the end of their relationship - the real end - he encounters feelings that he's never had to deal with before.

"The stuff he goes through with his 'new' girlfriend is actually all about his relationship with Tina. Because he's just seeing it mirrored back to him. So that's the start of him having to face these emotions that he hasn't dealt with before. The one that finally hits him and really has the biggest impact is jealousy&" 

Looking back, Fraser says he was probably as self-centred as his character, when he was younger although not nearly as confident. "I hasten to add that I would now like to think I have a lot more respect for other people's feelings!" 

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