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Amber Curreen

Amber Curreen grew up on Waiheke Island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, and was still at school when she started babysitting for the producer of Shortland Street. 

Her performances with a local dance group caught the producer's eye, and when the role of Shannon was written Amber was asked to audition. She got the part, and while Shannon was originally planned as a short-term character, Amber's performance was so good that Shannon was brought back to Ferndale twice, and is now a regular fixture of the show. 

Amber's realistic portrayal of a teenager's journey through preganancy, the death of a baby, and a suicide attempt have won her much critical acclaim and a strong following among viewers. 

She has many good friends among the Shortland Street cast, including Anna Hutchison (Delphi) and David Wikaira-Paul, who plays her on-screen boyfriend Tama. 

A keen student, Amber has managed to combine her acting with part-time study, and is working towards a BA in Business Psychology. Heathly living and exercise are very important to her, and she has a regular routine that alternates weight-training, cardio, and dance-based exercise. 

Fellow actors David Wikaira-Paul and Laura Hill (Toni) often join her for hip hop classes. Amber is also a great reader and loves nothing more than a sleepy day, spent curled up by the fire with a good book.

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