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Sunday: October 19, 2008

Published: 4:38PM Wednesday October 15, 2008

Bad milk
SUNDAY follows Fonterra behind the bamboo curtain for a story the Chinese government does not want you to see. For the first time, the parents of a baby who died from contaminated milk poisoning speak to the Western media - to SUNDAY - and in doing so, risk the anger of Chinese authorities. They appeal to New Zealand for justice, and say those responsible for the milk scandal in China and the death of their child deserve to "die a thousand deaths".

Bionic boy

Eighteen-year-old Evans Reynolds is a human guinea-pig in an extraordinary experiment. Evan lost his arm in a car accident last year, and is now becoming a real-life bionic boy. He has a new arm controlled by impulses from his muscles - the most advanced bionic arm ever made; it can pick up an egg without breaking it. It has transformed Evan into one of the world's first cyborgs: a fusion of human and machine. SUNDAY provides a glimpse of what the future of medicine has in store.

Don't miss SUNDAY - award-winning current affairs programme - with some of New Zealand's best reporters: Cameron Bennett, Janet McIntyre, John Hudson, Ian Sinclair and Simon Mercep.

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