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Sunday: June 1, 2008 - The Oracle

Published: 8:46AM Thursday May 29, 2008

The Oracle
He claimed he was the closest thing to God, the new Messiah, and he had a plan to save the world. He took a mental health patient off her drugs and put her through his 'love energy therapy sessions'. The rest of his CV also makes for flaky reading. This son of a former cabinet minister hasn't worked for six years and owes a lot of money. Sunday investigates.

Something In The Air
Are airlines poisoning their passengers? Every year tens of thousands of passengers around the world are exposed to toxic fumes on aeroplanes and suffer long term health effects. There are also alarming stories of pilots being overcome by fumes in the cockpit and safety being compromised. The problem is called 'Aerotoxic Syndrome', its symptoms are chronic fatigue and memory loss. They've known about it for 30 years - why won't they fix the problem?

Fishermen & Film Stars
The recklessly brave Alaskan crab fishermen of the Bering Sea have one of the deadliest and most lucrative jobs in the world. Sig Hansen, Jonathan Hillstrand and Phil Harris have become rich and famous from the Emmy-nominated television series Deadliest Catch. Sunday talks to these crab fishermen about coping with fame.

Sunday - Where there's a story, we'll find it.

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