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BAFTA nominated comedy The IT Crowd returns to TV ONE, with more adventures of Roy (Chris O'Dowd), Moss (Richard Ayoade), and Jen (Katherine Parkinson); the I.T. department of a multinational company's central office.

Roy, Moss and Jen make up the I.T. department of Reynholm Industries. However, while their social betters work upstairs in fantastic surroundings, the three work in a horrible dark basement underneath it all.

In the new season, changes are afoot at Reynholm Industries. The team have a new boss in the shape of Douglas Reynholm - son of Denholm.

Look out for guest appearances by James Bachman (That Mitchell and Webb Look), Amelia Bullmore (I'm Alan Partridge), Andrew Brooke (Ruddy Hell! It's Harry and Paul), Nick Burns (Nathan Barley), Silas Carson, Lydia Fox, Alex MacQueen (The Thick of It), Jamie Michie, Orlando Seale, Catherine Shepherd (Peep Show), Peter Sullivan (Extras) and Kim Wall.

"I really love The IT Crowd. It's a big playground for me," says writer and creator Graham Linehan. "I can entertain people while sneaking in a few references to things I like, such as indie comics and bands. Arthur and I knew we wanted to end Father Ted after three series, but with this show, I feel like I've barely got started."