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Wahine Disaster, The

The inter-island ferry Wahine sank in Wellington Harbour on April 10, 1968 after it was overcome by the worst storm recorded in New Zealand. Fifty-one people lost their lives.

Stunning new animation brings to life the last moments - with wind gusts reaching an amazing 276 kilometres an hour, the realistic animation shows how a giant wave picked up the 9,000 tonne Wahine and flung her sideways. In zero visibility the ship's master tried to manoeuvre his vessel back out of the harbour but instead, he struck Barrett Reef.

The Wahine then drifted helplessly before rolling over and sinking just hundreds of metres from land. The 735 passengers and crew had to jump for their lives. Many were swept across the harbour to a remote and rocky shoreline. Rescue attempts were difficult and dangerous.

This TVNZ documentary provides a new look at the disaster by concentrating on some of the survivors and their day of horror, together with animation which illustrates, for the first time, how the Wahine succumbed in a terrible storm, to become one of New Zealand's worst sea tragedies.

Special Features: TVNZ captioning for the hearing impaired

DVD also available at your local DVD retail outlet.

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