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2 Kids Fun Activities Part One

Black Out
Here's a different way to create some artwork for your room.

Build a Fort
Rainy day forts can be made almost anywhere so why not build a fort! Even better, build a whole city of them.

Celebrity T-shirts
The great trend to hit the street in Hollywood is the t-shirt with stuff written on it! It's a great way to make a statement.

Collage Containers
Use your collage container as a pencil holder, or for whatever you can think of. It would also make a nice gift.

Conduct an orchestra
Be the conductor of your own water glass orchestra with a few things from the kitchen.

Create a toy parachute
Making and flying your own parachute can be lots of fun. You can have races with your friends to see whose parachute can stay in the air the longest.

Get creative with newspaper
Using some old newspapers and some home-made glue, you can make some cool papier mache animals or faces

Make your own kite, you can be super creative with it and then you'll be ready to take to the skies!

Make funky wonder windows
Be a hit at the next birthday party by making your own card using wonder window designs.

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