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Shortland Street

Alice Piper

Alice Piper (Toni Potter) may be an experienced nurse but she doesn't always come across as the polished professional. 

Alice is an excellent nurse. She's down-to-earth and fun; a good-time girl with a penchant for putting her foot in her mouth. 

She joined the staff in December 2005, receiving a warm welcome from Craig (Renato Bartolomei) who recognised her as his old neighbour - and Jake's (Calum Gittins) babysitter.  But Alice didn't get off to a good start when she snogged married man, Tama Hudson at the Christmas party.

Moving in on Tania Jeffries' ex, Mark wasn't her smartest move and the subsequent tension saw her kicked out of El Rancho, where she had been flatting. So she muscled in on the Nurses' house - (then) home to TK and Jay. 

Alice found herself hankering after a more settled love life. The guy she had in mind was Head of ED, Craig Valentine. Her plan came to fruition but Craig's heart attack made Alice ponder the age (and stamina) difference! 

The arrival of new ED consultant and old flame Kip Denton highlighted Alice's issues of "settling down" with Craig. 

Alice was kidnapped by former friend/serial killer Joey Henderson. Joey performed surgery on Alice in his secret locker. Alice managed to escape and was rescued by Craig.

After Joey, Alice began drinking heavily which led to a drunken romantic encounter with Guy Warner.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Craig proposed marriage to pregnant Alice. She came clean with Craig and they split.

Alice gave birth to baby Kelly in September. Alice maintained a vigil beside Kelly's incubator, and coped with her mentally unstable mother Fran, but Kelly's health deteriorated and she died in October, not long after Craig's death.

Baby Kelly's death and the loss of Craig led Alice into an ill-advised relationship with the calculating Dr Ethan Pierce. Meanwhile close friend Maia Jeffries started to see Alice in a different light. 

At the end of 2008, Alice's adversary, Brooke, revealed Ethan's collection of sex tapes. Several days after this discovery, Ethan was shot by an unidentified assassin at Christmas 2008.

Alice found herself a suspect in the Ferndale Homicide case. But gal pal Maia confessed that she shot Ethan because of her sense of loyalty to Alice. Now Alice is trying to keep Maia's secret.

Despite swearing off men, Alice briefly dated Zimbabwean surgon Xavier Moyo. But cultural differences made him realise that he should be back with his own people. 

Alice took a long holiday to spend some time away from Maia.

When she returned she vowed to clean up her act and has given up cigarettes, excessive drinking and men who are bad for her - or so she says!