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Fri Jan 27: Charlize Theron; Hamas; Shoe Sheriff

Published: 6:44PM Friday January 27, 2006

It's been described by one observer as a tsunami-sized event. Overnight Palestinians threw out the only government they've ever known and replaced it with the militant Islamic group Hamas. Hamas will control the Palestinian parliament with 72 seats. The former governing party Fatah could only muster 43. The landslide took even Hamas officials by surprise. But it means trouble for the peace process. Hamas is responsible for dozens of suicide bombings against Israel and has been denounced by Washington as a terrorist organisation. To make things more difficult the current Palestinian president is a member of Fatah. He now has to deal with a party opposed to his version of the peace process. We look at the reaction from world leaders and cross live to Jerusalem to speak to Arnon Regular, writer for Ha'aretz newspaper.

Charlize Theron
Theron's latest movie North Country is inspired by a true story about a group of women working in an iron mine in Northern Minnesota in 1989. The men are not happy to have them taking the scarce jobs and their treatment of the women is sometimes brutal. Susan Wood speaks to Charlize and director Niki Caro about the movie, New Zealand and living in the Hollywood bubble.

Shoe Sheriff
We often hear stories of the small person trying to resist the big developer, and after putting up a valiant fight, eventually forced to cave in. Some say it's inevitable, that progress will always get its own way. But Rawdon Christie has a story where one man has stood up to the big boys - and won. Peter Croad's better known as the 'Shoe Sheriff' in Newmarket, Auckland. He's been running the cobblers shop for over 25 years - his father ran it before him. The shop's actually been in the same location, on Broadway, since the war. So when the landowners told him it was time to go, he said no.