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Monday May 5, 2008

Published: 10:11PM Sunday May 04, 2008

Bernard Hickey - cost of living
The managing editor of put an exact price on exactly how badly New Zealanders are hurting with the rising cost of living.

Dr Sax - single sex education
Dr Leonard Sax, Director of the US National Association for Single Sex Public Education, is in New Zealand visiting single sex schools. He speaks to Breakfast about why single sex schools are best.

Prime Minister Helen Clark
The PM talks about New Zealanders' lack of election understanding in an election year, and other political issues.

Coastguard Canada
Coastguard volunteer Mark Harnett describes his experiences training with the Canadian Coastguard.

Breakfast's media commentator Irene Gardiner examines how a new public health bill is impacting on newspapers and broadcasters as well as the controversial pose by 15 year old teen idol Miley Cyrus.

Wedding Plans
Leonie Smits of Bride and Groom magazine looked at changing trends in weddings and how to keep costs under control.

New Zealand Sign Language Week
An estimated 24,000 people in New Zealand use sign language to communicate and today marks the start of NZSL Week. On today's Breakfast, Tamati's morning weather report was accompanied by a sign language interpreter and the same thing will happen on Friday's show.  Click here for more information on NZSL Week.

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